Raporti Vjetor 2022 – World Vision Albania

“We all witnessed in 2022, how the lives especially those of children and youth were affected directly by critical events. They have experienced the psychological, social and economic effects of the humanitarian crisis of the war in Ukraine, the 2019 earthquake and Covid-19 pandemic.

While World Vision International is offering support to lighten the effects of these events, World Vision Albania continued to work in some of the most affected areas and communities, who are experiencing deprivation, discrimination, abuse or natural disasters. Even though the vulnerability factors are persisting, the inspiration to continue this mission comes from Savina, Bledar, Antoneta, Ivana and thousands more children and adults, who work with World Vision in bringing transformation and wellbeing of children and communities.

They are people who serve, people who find hope in serving others and go beyond what is expected. In this report you will not find only figures and numbers, but also real life stories of transformation. Stories of children and family members who were positively impacted by the work of World Vision Albania. I invite you to read through and get inspiration from the joint work of many people who care and are doing concrete and meaningful actions for the wellbeing of the children and youth, especially the most vulnerable ones.

I thank from the heart each and every one who joined World Vision’s work in 2022, the children, the youth, the family members, the child sponsors, the school teachers and principals, child protection workers, public officials from the local, regional and central government, the donor agencies, civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, corporate representatives, academics, experts, volunteers, service providers, Albania citizens in and outside the country, the World Vision Albania team members, the advisory council members, the World Vision colleagues from various parts of the world. God bless your efforts and commitment. At World Vision Albania we are committed to continue our efforts and promise to give every child the chance to enjoy life in all its fullness. The journey continues,” – Eljona Elmazi, National Director, World Vision Albania