Raporti Vjetor 2019 – World Vision Albania

Postuar: 1/04/2020

Year  2019  marked  the  anniversary  of   the   20-year   efforts   in   humanitarian,   development   and   advocacy   work   of    World  Vision  in  Albania  and  Kosovo.  In  the  last  two  decades,  100,000  children  have  benefitted  from  45  programs  in  around  220  communities  of   Albania.   This   was   made   possible   because  thousands   of   supporters   have   believed   and  continue to believe in the transformational work of World Vision. I am obliged and honored to say  thank you to all our supporters and collaborators.  Here  at  World  Vision  we  believe  that  the  main  role  in  transformational  work  of individuals  and  societies is God’s…