Raporti Vjetor 2023 – World Vision Albania

In 2023, World Vision Albania was joined again by many partners in its mission to transform lives of 34,455 children and young people. Our partners were citizens who donate, children, families, institutions, faith based and civil society organizations, agencies, businesses, media, experts, networks and more. I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for your partnership.

As we lived through a year of continuing or emerging conflicts, the climate crisis, the rising inequalities, social injustices all over the world, we have felt more strongly than ever the responsibility to care for the others and for the planet. There is no country far from home. There is no house far from home.

At World Vision we have the privilege of serving the most vulnerable and spreading hope, joy and justice.

Behind the work of this year and every year are the hearts, heads and hands of the team here in Albania, with the support of our advisory board and World Vision team in Middle East and Easter Europe region, support offices and global centre.

Thank you for your service. This report is the story of a year, told in 20 pages. I invite you to read through the pages and be inspired by examples of hope, joy and justice.

Eljona Elmazi

National Director

World Vision Albania